The World’s Smallest Mammal is the “Pygmy Gel Boa” Mouse!!!

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Here is one of the world’s smallest mammals which is a tiny mouse that is no bigger than a large coin!

One of the smallest mammals in the world is the “Pygmy Gel Boa”

The “Pygmy gel boa” or “Mouse Rodentumidae” has a length of 3.6 – 4.7 centimeters and a body weight of 3.2 – 4.1 grams. It is very small and about the same size as a 1 dollar coin! This tiny mammal can be found in Pakistan and Afghanistan and has an average life span of approximately 3 years .

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One distinguishing feature is an unusually long tail which allows it retain body fat and survive in the harsh semi-desert areas and wastelands.

What an interesting looking mouse!

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People in Japan are permitted to keep it as a pet but little is known about its detailed ecology and breeding methods so is quite difficult to raise. Although, the importation of “Pygmy Gel Boa” has been banned since 2005, it seems that there are still quite a few of these tiny mammals throughout the country.

It is possible to actually see these creature in a pet shop!

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Such a cute animal!

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These images of this adorable little mouse is certain to lift your spirits and make you smile!

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