Here is a Miraculous Photo of a 300-Year-Old Girl Opening Her Eyes!!!

source: YouTube
Here are some mysterious and miraculous images of the body of a mummified girl that is interred in the Guadalajara Cathedral in Jalisco State, Mexico. This girl has been dead for over 300 years and she is called St. Inocentia by the people who attend mass at the church.

It is said that this young girl was stabbed by her father and her body was later brought to the church where it has resided for more than three centuries! Recently, some worshipers witnessed a miracle when the eyes of the mummified girl suddenly opened! Many Catholics believe this a miracle from God! A movie capturing this astonishing scene was posted online and was viewed by millions of people around the world!

These eyes should not be open!

Please take look at the video and watch this apparent miracle unfold right before your eyes!

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Is this a miracle from God?

The eyes of this 300-year-old mummified girl are clearly open!

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source: YouTube
What a mysterious and strange situation which is being described as a holy miracle by many Catholics!

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