Enjoy 7 Scary and Terrifying Images of Fearful Felines for Your Fun and Enjoyment!!!

source: pakutaso.com
Cats are typically cute and adorable but these 7 scary and terrifying images of some fearful looking felines for your amusement and enjoyment! These images have captured the imagination of viewers from all over the world!

Scary cats create scary cat images!

1. A fearful cat monster lurking underneath a rug in the kitchen.
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These eyes are quite scary!
2. An evil looking cat and shadow!
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Is this cat a demon?
3. A scary looking shadow from a cat!
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This feline’s facial expression is curious and not at all frightening!
4. A fearsome cat protecting treasure.
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This feline will protect these coins with its life!
5. A cat on fire?
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It’s a burning cat!

6.An alien cat in front of a fireplace!
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Is this cat from outer space? Why are those eyes glowing like this?

7. A cat leaving a burning building?!
source: reddit
It appears that this cat has created the fire and calmly leaves the scene without looking back!

What did you think?

These cats and these images would certainly give viewers a feeling of fear! However, it’s important to remember that cats are lovely and adorable in almost all cases which is why people love them so much as pets!

source: reddit / imgur