See the Amazing “Floating Tablecloth” Interior Design of the “ILLUSION” Side Table!!!

source: essey
Here is an amazing image that is confounding at first glance, is this tablecloth actually floating?

Is this tablecloth actually floating?

source: essey
In fact, it is a stylish side table created by a Danish interior design company named brand called Essey.

source: essey
This side table is called “ILLUSION” and it has an amazing design and silhouette!

source: antdesignstore
source: essey
This table has the look and shape of a soft flowing cloth with dramatic curves and would look fantastic in any home!

This decorative table will enhance any room in your home.

source: essey//antdesignstore
The side table comes in seven color variations such as clear, gray, brown and is on sale at a price of USD $350.00 dollars to USD $560.00 dollars (including tax).

source: antdesignstore

source: antdesignstore
What a beautifully designed piece of furniture!

This side table “ILLUSION” is available for purchase this summer from the online store below.

Illusion side table ILLUSION side table – essay of table mail order | Riguna

source: essey//antdesignstore/antdesignstore

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