Watch a Mother Cat Nurture and Love Her Child Just Being Separated in this Tearful Video!!!


“Do not take my child away!”

Here is a sensitive situation as a mother cat spends her final moments with her child before being separated forever as the kitten has been adopted by another family. Please watch this touching video and listen to the voices of the people on hand to witness this emotional scene.

Here is the mother cat cuddling with her child and almost seems to know that they are going to be separated.


This is a sad and heartbreaking situation.

During the video, there are a number of comments made by people who were witnessing this scene and have been posted below. Please watch the video and then read the attached comments.

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source: YouTube

Comments of People in the Video.

・Since the number of animals not’m one animal in the cat birth born …. Maybe wonder if other children also, if you are going is Morawa, not it was found I will not stay again because they know the situation at that time.

・This appears to be a really painful separation.

・This video is really tough to watch.

・Perhaps a medical procedure on the mother cat is necessary to prevent this scenario from happening in the future.

・I hope that the foster parents are kind to this kitten.

・This is heartbreaking to watch!

・This mother cat shows so much emotion!

・Is this really necessary?

・I wish that they would not be separated from each other.

This video highlights a tough situation and it is so difficult to watch the painful separation of this mother cat and her kitten!

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