Watch the Gentle Relationship Between a Large Dog and a Tiny Kitten!!!

source: YouTube
Here is a baby kitten who has just arrived in this house and would like to make friends with an adult dog who is relaxing and minding his own business. See and enjoy the first contact between these two adorable animals and gradual companionship that develops right in front of your eyes!

▼ Here is the kitten slowly approaching the large dog.

▼ The tiny feline moves close enough to make physical contact with the big pooch!

▼ However, the big dog hardly seems to notice the tiny kitten!
The two animals make eye contact and seem to say “Oh, nice to meet you…”

▼ The dog starts to become more comfortable with the tiny stranger.
The dog finally acknowledges the kitten and the two tentatively touch noses!

▼ The kitten then boldly snuggles up to the dog and has a nap!
It seems that the two pets have established a relationship with each other!

What a delightful video!

See Video Here

This was a whimsical interaction between the tiny kitten and the large dog that was wonderful to see as the two strangers gradually create a special and touching bond of friendship!

source: youtube