Admire the Unique and Stunning Traffic Signal Design of a City in the Ukraine!!!

source: reddit
Here is a photograph of a traffic intersection in a city in the Ukraine that is becoming a popular topic of discussion with global online viewers recently! Can you see the difference in the traffic light system design?

An awesome design.

This wonderful design provides an illuminated pillar in both red and green lights!
source: reddit
What’s unique about this traffic light signal is that the support pillar is designed to light up a brilliant illuminated neon color that matches the current traffic light condition! It is an ingenious innovation that allows drivers to see the traffic lights much more easily! ” Reddit These images was initially posted on the overseas bulletin board “Reddit” and this led to numerous comments by online viewers from all over the world praising the design and safety features!

This cool looking design matchesmatches the city-scape and is a very useful design for improving safety! The streets of this particular city in the Ukraine is quite charming with wonderful architecture and unique design features.
source: pixabay
This stunning traffic signal design innovation is certain to be adopted in other countries and the Ukraine could a surprising source of future trends in urban design and planning!

source: reddit / pixabay