This Pop-Up Replica of Himeji Castle Took 15 Months to Complete and Is Made of “Lego”!!!

source: YouTube
This picturesque production of Himeji Castle is completely created of “Lego” and took just over 15 months to complete!However, the biggest surprize is that this stunning replica is actually a “POP-UP from a picture book”!

This is an amazing accomplishment and a truly beautiful creation!

Himeji Castle pops out of the book!

It is hard to believe that construction of a pop-out Himeji Castle actually took just over 15 months to complete!
source: YouTube

The effect of the castle suddenly appearing as a pop-out is very impressive!
source: YouTube

source: YouTube

What a surprize!
source: YouTube

Himeji Castle pops out like a real picture book pop-out!

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Here is a description of the video:

We made a replica of Himeji Castle (which is a designated world heritage site) in Lego. It pops out like a pop-out picture book and the production period was around 15 months. The number of used Lego pieces is unknown but it weighs about 12.5kg and does not use any adhesives or glue. The walls, moats and wells is accurately positioned to recreate the castle. Other underground aspects such as the crypt and other rooms are not included in this model.

It is hard to believe that no glue was used to create this detailed replica of a pop-out Himeji Castle since so many Lego pieces were used in the construction of this designated heritage site! It is a remarkable creation!

source: youtube