See the Amazing Detail of a Rural and Urban Landscape of a Lego Train Journey on Video!!!

01 source: youtube

Here are some video an amazingly detailed urban and rural landscape and miniature train system made of LEGO! It is a remarkable creation by a LEGO and miniature train enthusiast that is certain to make you smile!

Welcome to the entrance of the LEGO fantasy world. The train is ready to depart!
source: youtube

A blue illuminated light signals the beginning of the journey!
03 source: youtube

The train passes through a small town at night and you can see there are shops that are still open for business!
source: youtube

The train travels through another tunnel illuminated by several colors!
source: youtube

As the LEGO train enters another tunnel, it appears to be a blue-lit illumination of traveling underwater!
source: youtube

The trains passes a forested area where people are seen. Such a variety of rural and urban landscapes!
source: youtube

Finally, huge tree branches and strange flora with thorns indicate a fantasy world is being passed by on this amazing train ride! Where will it go next?
source: youtube

This is a delightful train journey and visual experience that really does create the ambience of an actual commute of a long distance passenger train! This world of LEGO is truly remarkable to see and enjoy!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below!

See Video Here

source: YouTube

source: youtube