12 Negative Food Images that are Unlucky or Un-edible!!!

When you buy food, you need to look at the contents. Sometimes, the contents inside are strange or different from what you expected” Here are surprising discoveries for you to look at and consider.

1. This is typical! Bad luck at the supermarket by choosing the avocado with the biggest seed and the least meat!


2. What happened to this watermelon? It doesn’t look healthy.


3. What? No wafers in the Kit Kat. Where did they go?


4. After opening this candy bar. . .Please do not eat as it is no longer fresh or safe to consume!


5. A Pepperoni Pizza with only One pepperoni? Unlucky Choice of Product and Poor Customer Service.


6. Even though I ordered cheddar cheese, the cheddar must be hiding or they all changed colour to white cheese!


7. Sesame buns or A sesame on a bun? Perhaps, we need to change the name to avoid poor luck or unhappiness?!


8. The Package Promised a balance of broccoli but the contents told a different story. Maybe the cauliflower is happy.


9. Questionable Contents inside the soda can.


10. Questionable Contents – Should the can of black beans need more water or should the can of water need more black beans?


11. A bottle of Air Wine!


12. No Ketchup in the Ketchup Packet, a very sad situation…


Some very pessimistic examples of poor product quality in most cases and the customer has not been treated fairly. I hope that situation changes in the future.

source: distractify.com