China’s state-of-the-art “Feisukini” Swimwear Could Be the Next Big Global Fashion Trend!?!


At first glance, can you understand what is going on here? No, these are not a group of professional wrestlers enjoying a day at the beach but is a very popular and state-of-the-art swimsuit in China called a “Feisukini (face+bikini)”.

What is a Feisukini?


The feisukini was developed about 10 years ago and addressed a need among Chinese female beach enthusiasts who wanted a mask to protect their faces from sunburn and jellyfish in the sea. They have become a hit and are now widely popular with both men and women and children.

Now, so many types and colours are found on China’s beaches.

Here is a typical type of feisukini. source:

Here is child version of feisukini! source:

Now, the feisukini has become more than just protection, it is fashionable and colourful as seen here! source:

Are these two feisukini fashionistas really twins? source:

Feisukini products now account for almost 3 million copies in China! Its popularity continues to grow as new colour combinations and traditional and contemporary designs are now part of its mainstream appeal with Chinese consumers.


A New Fashion Epidemic in the World?

But will this unique Chinese fashion trend remain popular only in China? Well, they’ve been featured in fashion shows and magazines in France and New York so we will have to wait and see!


This is quite a whimsical design for swimwear but the “feisukini” does have some practical applications for the protection of beach goers. I wonder what the future version will look like?

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