“It is the most dangerous picture of my dog dog ‘s history” It was cute as it was blowing all at once.

source: Twitter

Popular with the elbow on the toilet and looking at the doya face Shuku-kun of Kesshin (@ kagemans) ‘s dog, Mame bush.

This Shuku-kun’s “the most dubious picture in history” is too cute, it’s talked about on Twitter!

Do not mind what kind of picture it is! Is it? Please look at that picture immediately!

Paa! /

source: Twitter

Is not it cute ~! From this haunted facial expression, you can see the appearance that the tension is getting messed up (laugh)

How was it? Looking at the innocent appearance of Shuku-kun, it will become natural and natural. Oh, it’s too cute and I misunderstood.

source: Twitter

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