New Charging Cable Technology iPhone Innovation has Created a Global Success!!!

Now, here is newly created charging cable by (ZNAPS) which is financing this new cable via a crowdfunding strategy located on the site, Kickstarter which located here kickstarter . They were soliciting investment from the public and their target amount was USD 120,000.00 but they successfully raised more than 10 times their original target amount (USD 1.2 Million).

This Cable has Captured the World’s Attention!

While Apple products and devices are famous all over the world, the charging cables sometimes garner negative attention for a number of reasons. So, there appeared to be a “gap” for a higher quality, multifunctional charging cable that could used effectively and easily.

In a normal lighting cable, there is a further connector connected with the adaptor that plugs into the main body of the Apple device.


And, the connector will be to left inside the body of the phone.!

Like this!

Earlier versions of connector/adapters used a sticky magnet to connect the device and then recharge the battery of the device.

Moreover, when put in this connector, it prevents the water from entering into the phone which would permanently damage it forever. Note that the iPhone pictured is not totally waterproof and should be totally submerged into the water.

Please see the splendour of this product by all means in the video!

See Video Here

This is new product is major innovation on the connector/adapter cord which has also went through a successful crowdfunding campaign. Sales are planned to begin sometime next year. Please take a look at this product at the website below. Please check the following pages!
Sponsor of “ZNAPS” WantedPpage

source: YouTube
source: Kickstarter

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