【Animation】 Like a flower … A swimming-nosed “sea cucumber” that keeps swimming for a lifetime is discovered!

source: YouTube

“It sounds like a flower …” “Is this a sea cucumber?”

A swimming-like “sea cucumber” that keeps swimming for a lifetime has been discovered and introduced as a topic!

On March 16th this year, a very unusual Overseas Sea cucumber species was discovered by the Oceanos Explorer of the United States Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration near Howawand Island in the North Pacific.

source: YouTube

There is also a jellyfish, and elegantly swimming the sea is like a beautiful flower image. You can see what is seen as some tentacles just in the middle. Even so, even if it is said to be a sea cucumber, it does not look like a pin so much, sea cucumber can not be seen at all.

This sea cucumber is a swimming quartz named “Pelagosria · Natalrix”. It seems to continue swimming forever without landing on the ocean floor.

source: YouTube

It is very fantastic. Even just watching the swimming like swimming or dancing makes me feel like healing something.

source: YouTube

See Video Here

There are many creatures that I have not seen yet in the ocean. Opportunities will come up to see living creatures that have not been seen in the future.

source: youtube

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