Eliminate Sore Feet from Sneakers Forever! Learn the Amazing Secret of How to Tie Your Shoes Properly!!

The key is using the final hole (Pictured Above) when tying up your shoes. Are you using this final hole properly?
Up to now, I have never found any value of the individual holes of a running shoe, but was able to find out the hidden value and meaning of this hole!

Here is how to use this hole!

Thread the shoelace through the hole like this.


Both laces should pass the holes in the same way.


Pass the end of the shoelaces through the loop of the reverse side of the laces.


Once the laces are through the left and right side, directly tighten them tightly.


If you tighten tightly, then tie up the shoes normally.


Now, the shoe no longer moves around!


See Video Here

Please by all means use this method If you are jogging or running! The burden to your feet should be greatly reduced!

source: YouTube