See Super Cool Sneakers from Nintendo Super Famicom and Air Jordan 4’s!!!

source: instagram

Wow! Here is an amazing collaboration between Nintendo Famicom and Jordan 4 which has inspired the design of the special edition “Super Nintendo 4” Sneakers!

This sneaker is created by a British sneaker customization group called “ FreakerSneaks “It is a cool masterpiece of shoe design!

The Nintendo Console Buttons Actually Work!

The right and left buttons arranged on the back are used when the actual controller’s one is used, and the cross key and the ABXY button can be pressed! 1_R
source: instagram

On the front there is a nostalgic “Super Famicom” logo!
source: instagram

FreakerSneaks has created a lot of original design sneakers that can be ordered online! It is possible to make sneakers of various images by ordering online!

This collaboration between Nintendo Super Famicom and Air Jordan 4 is a sneaker classic!

source: freakersneaks / instagram