How Do You Survive and What Should You Do in a Falling Elevator???

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What would you do if the elevator that you are riding in suddenly malfunctions and starts to fall? Have you ever considered this possibility?

Here are some ways that a person could do if such a situation was to occur. They may or may not work but some of these ideas could have a positive effect.

Jumping at the Moment of Impact with the Ground.

As the elevator falls toward to the ground, some believe that jumping up at the exact moment of impact when the elevator strikes the ground would aid in your survival.

A Gravity-Free State in the Elevator.

As the elevator continues to fall at a tremendous speed, a weightless state (gravity-free) could be created. This would aid in increasing the height that a person could jump up at the moment of impact when the elevator collides with the ground.

Piling Up Luggage on the Floor and Standing on Them!

If you have any luggage, stacking them up on the floor and then standing on them may be effective when the elevator makes impact with the ground.

Lean Against the Wall of the Elevator.

Another method could be leaning against one of the walls of the elevator while holding on to a handrail (if there is one). This may reduce the force of the impact on the body.

What to Do in a Crowded Elevator!?

If the elevator is crowded with other passengers, keeping the knees slightly bent could help to reduce the shock of the impact when the elevator hits the ground.

Although the prospects for survival from a falling elevator are low, it is important to consider any and all possible techniques to improve the chance of survival. Also, thinking with a clear head in an emergency will increase the chances to survive and live.

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