Here is the Delightful Story of a Miniature Dachshund Working as a Police Dog!


Here is a photo of a group of police dogs from the prefectural police headquarters in Kumamoto prefecture in Japan. There is a rare miniature dachshund among the police dogs which is quite unusual. This story of the little police dog became a very popular topic of discussion among online viewers in Japan.

This dog’s name is called “Becky” and this adorable dog has successfully passed the exam as a part-time police dog in 2013. This dog has some unique talents that make her size an asset for certain types of police work such as disaster relief and moving around in small and tight spaces.


Dachshunds were originally bred for digging for burrowing animals such as badgers so their size is ideal match when searching for a missing person or when a natural disaster requires searching for people who have survived such an event.

Here is a photo of Becky the Miniature Dachshund and her owner and trainer Mieko Kubo of the Kumamoto Prefectural Police Department.


The accepted image of a police dog are usually larger breeds such as a German Shepard or a Labrador Retriever but Becky  the Miniature Dachshund has shown that smaller dog breed can also play a role as a police dog.