Can You Identify the Number of Circles Inside This Optical Illusion???

Here an confounding image that was recently posted on the overseas bulletin board service “Reddit”.

Can you identify how many individual components are used to create this circle?Do you know whether the image many pieces of the circle of the above have been drawn?

Perhaps if you look too closely at this image you may have start to feel dizzy or uncomfortable just like the person in that image below!


What is The Answer?

There are four circles which can be seen. Moreover, these four circles have an intersection which are independent of each other! Though the circles appear to overlap each other, in fact, they do not as this image is an optical illusion!

In order to facilitate understanding of this “Graphics Interchange Format” (GIF) on “Reddit”, the creators of the image posted explanations on the overseas bulletin board.


This image is visually confusing as the white colors are converted into black so it apparently shows four circles!

It really is a remarkable optical illusion!

source: Reddit