Watch the Shocking Rescue of Child Who Has His Head Stuck Between Two Bars!!!


Here is a disturbing story of a chid who somehow got his head stuck between two bars of a fence which was broadcast on the news titled “A Child Trapped in a Narrow Space”. A rescue team was dispatched and freed the child by cutting the iron bars with a high powered electric saw.

This story raised a lot of concern about such narrow spaces and how people could become trapped just like the young boy pictured above.

See Video Here

Online Comments

・Thank goodness the child is alright!
・This child’s head was just a little too large for that space.
・The media always love to sensationalize negative events.
・This could have been a serious accident!

I am glad this situation ended with the child being freed without serious injury and his parents should try to supervise his activities more closely in the future!

source: YouTube