See the Opitical Tricks and Images of the “Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion” on YouTube!!!

source: YouTube
Here is a magical image in a video called an “Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion” that was posted on YouTube and a mysterious phenomenon occurs since the shape of the real thing is different from the one shown in the reflected image above! This illusion is difficult to understand how it works! Can you figure this trick out?

(We are posting the seed videos in the second half of the article.)

What is going on?

▼ I have hands and there doesn’t appear a trick in the mirror.
source: YouTube

▼ When you rotate the device, the square and the circle are opposite!
source: YouTube

Could you understand it? Most people couldn’t understand it at all.

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

This wonderful video only provides part of the solution, please look at the retweeted videos of the seeds below.

See Retweeted video.

It was a surprising trick! What did you think?

See Video Here

The solution was surprisingly simple but amazing nonetheless!

▼ I was seeing this shape!
source: YouTube
It looked like a different shape when seen with the eye at one angle but has an irregular shape when the angle is changed! It is well thought out.

The work of this illusion “Best Illusion of The Year Contest” It was awarded second place in 2016! By the way, this video was chosen as the winner in the same year.

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

This is also wonderful! Although the position of the circle should not change, the circle seems to be moving!

Optical illusions are truly magical, don’t you think?

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