Watch a “Dance Master of Crutches” Who Overcame His Disability to Become a Performance Phenom!!!

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source: CELEBLY

Bill Shannon was born with osteoarthritis in his hips which forced him to grow up using crutches to move around. Rather than be limited by this condition, Bill has developed a unique dance style which incorporates his crutches into a one of a kind technique which is both spectacular and dangerous!

Please take a look at Bill Shannon’s dance videos and you will be inspired by how talented a performer he has become and how he has overcome his condition to become a famous performer who has been watched by millions of viewers online from all over the world.

And Bill Shannon’s Dance Technique?

Despite having to use crutches since birth, Bill Shannon is able to slide and glide around with his innovative dance movements which are unique in the entertainment world.

source: YouTube

Bill Shannon has created a floating and gliding dance technique using crutches which is amazing to see!


The man who created this unique dance technique uses crutches like no one else!

This story is tremendous and should be an inspiration to all of us. Bill Shannon has overcome his own hardship and transformed it into a special style of dancing on video which has brought him success and fame. Being able to overcome difficulties and failure is something that everyone must deal with so this story should be a strong motivation to many people to never give up and to be positive about life each and every day!