A Man Who Has Commuted 30,000 Kilometers Over the Past 10 Years Receives Help from Strangers!!!


Here is a photo of 56-year-old James Robertson from Detroit, Michigan in the United States who has recently become an online celebrity for his story about how he has commuted from his home to his workplace by walking a distance of 32 kilometers every day for the past 10 years. He has received donations from all over the country to help with his hardship.
source: Go Fund Me

On the crowdfunding website called “Go Fund Me” (www.gofundme.com), James’s story of commuting hardship attracted donations from people all over the United States which totalled ore than USD $226,000.00 His hourly wage of USD $10.55/hour has made it impossible for him to pay for and operate a car so he had to use of combination of taking the bus and walking to and from his home and workplace which added up to a round-trip distance of 32 kilometers every working day from his home in Detroit to the workplace location in Rochester Hills.

source: Reuters

The amount of time that James has spent commuting over the past 10 years is simply staggering. It is estimated that he has covered almost 30,000 kilometers during that time and has spent approximately 1,300 days commuting which adds up to about three-and-a-half years!

Please watch the video and see the manner in which Robertson had actually commuted from home to work over the past decade.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

I hope that he is able to improve the quality of his life as a result of this fundraising effort. Life is short and he was spending far too much time commuting!

source: Reuters