See a Pitbull Terrier Puppy Lose a Face-to Face Confrontation with a Tiny Ladybug!!!

The “Pitbull Terrier” breed of fighting dogs are famous for their aggressiveness and their ferocity so this encounter with a tiny “ladybug” would normally be devastating victory for the dog but as you will see the tiny insect succeeds in staring down and surviving this meeting!

Here is the Pitbull Terrier puppy discovering a ladybug on the bed of his family’s home.


Here is the tiny ladybug who will turn out to be an able opponent for the puppy.

This is dangerous! Is the puppy about to eat the ladybug?


See Video Here

In the end, the puppy was either too curious or too naive and the ladybug simply flew away!

It was an adorable movie to watch!


source: YouTube

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