An 86-Year-Old Man Learns How to Knit and Gives “Baby Caps” to Charity!!!

Here is 86-year-old American “Ed Mosley” who decided to learn a new hobby this year and taught himself “knitting”. Ed spent his life working as an engineer but decided on knitting to support the efforts of a local life support facility to “knit cap for premature babies and donate them to hospitals”!

Age does not matter when starting a new hobby.

It took Ed takes about three hours to knit one baby’s cap at the beginning but now he is able to complete a cap in just one hour while watching TV! He is able to produce 30 caps each month!

See Video Here

▼ Knit caps for premature infants.

▼ Newborn parents are delighted with this gift!

“Ed” started this challenge for the first time from the age of 86 years old. It is so inspiring to see that age should not stop anyone from challenging their dreams!

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