Here are 10 of the Most Minor Sporting Competitions That Exist in the World Today!!!

With the recent completion of the Rio Summer Olympic Games, it is important to know that there are many minor competitions that you may have never heard about before! Here are 10 of the most minor competitions that may surprize you with their unique activities!

1. Wife Carrying Competition.

Husbands in this competition from Finland will run through an obstacle course with their spouses on their backs. The winner receives a prize of a quantity of alcohol that is the same weight as his spouse!

2. Chess Boxing.

A sport that combines the skills of chess and boxing. Two players engage in a 4-minute round of chess followed by a 2-minute round of boxing for up to 11 rounds with the winner being decided by a referee.

3. Quidditch.

A fictional game of chasing and catching a flying object on magic brooms manned by apprentice wizard that originally appeared in the “Harry Potter” series of novels has now been created as “a game of using a basketball with players using actual brooms!

4. World Sauna Championships.

A tournament that is held in Heinola, Finland which is considered “the birthplace of the sauna”. Contestants challenge a sauna of 110 degrees Celsius and the winner is determined by how long a person can remain inside!

5. Buzkashi.

This is the national sport of Afghanistan in which two sets of horsemen compete with each other for possession of a goat-shaped ball packed with sand that is similar to polo.
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6. Segway Polo.

A game that uses the rules of traditional polo except players ride Segways instead of horses!

7. Sepak Takraw.

A traditional ball game which originated in Southeast Asia in the 9th century as is known as “foot volleyball” as players use their feet to propel a ball over a net using their feet only and is the national sport of Thailand.

8. Street Luge.

A sport created in the United States with players using a sled with wheels down a sloped street and using the techniques of traditional luge on ice.

9. Underwater Hockey.

Two teams compete with each other to place a puck into their opponents goal which is located at the bottom of a swimming pool and is based on the traditional game of ice hockey.

10. Extreme Ironing.

An extreme sport based on ironing clothes spread out on an ironing board in a secluded and isolated locations in nature that is combined with canoeing, skiing, snowboarding and scuba diving! It seems that being able to iron clothes in such challenging conditions is worthy of being considered a sport!