See an Unusual Photograph that has a Surprising Feature that Needs to Seen Again!!!


Here is an amazing photograph of a man’s palm but you need to look at the image more closely. “Take a look at his palm again!”.

After looking at the image carefully, there appears to be a strange line across the man’s palm, can you see it?

Please pay attention to the red frame which highlights the answer!


That’s right, it was a photo that has somehow has photographed the texture of the water while the hand is underwater!

This man took this picture at Gotland Island which is the largest island in Sweden surrounded by the Baltic Sea and it is apparent that the water is extremely clear and is so transparent that you can see the bottom like there was no water there at all!


The man claims that he shot this photograph with an Android smartphone and was not touched up or processed in any way!

The photographer commented after posting the image on the overseas bulletin board Reddit that “Such a photograph could be taken because the light conditions were perfect, the camera function was excellent and the clarity of the water was so good on that day!

What did you think?

What an amazing and beautiful place to take such a photograph!

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