See Videos of a Mysterious “Tiny” Tribe Captured on Film on an Island in Indonesia!!!

source: YouTube
Here are some astonishing videos that are being talked about by online viewers from around the world since they were posted on YouTube! These videos captured some extremely rare images of the legendary “Mante tribe” who inhabit an isolated forest in the northern region of Sumatra Island in Indonesia which quickly generated a huge buzz online with nearly 8.5 million views after just 10 days on YouTube!

Legendary Mante tribe of dwarfs.

There is a legend of a tribe of dwarves called the “Mante” living in the Aceh region of northern Sumatra who are believed to have a height of only 1 meter which is much smaller than regular humans!

Was the person captured in this video a member of the “Mante tribe” of dwarfs?

▼ Here are some young men on motorbikes riding on the unpaved roads of northern Sumatra.
source: YouTube

Suddenly, one of the motorcyclists falls of his motorbike! There is a very small human next to the fallen bike!
source: YouTube
The small human appears to be naked and was carrying something resembling a stick and seconds later is seen running away!

▼ One of the motorbikes attempts to follow the small human! Will he catch up or not?
source: YouTube
However, here the dwarf suddenly turned direction, disappeared into the grass.

▼ More of the bikers gather and attempt to search and find the small man but he is nowhere to be found!
source: YouTube
source: YouTube

What did you think?

The person who ran away was obviously small and didn’t look like a child. Perhaps, it really was one of the “Mante tribe” of dwarfs?

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

Although, the video cannot be authenticated, there are still many new discoveries of unknown tribe and creatures throughout our world!

source: youtube