See an Unpopular Statue of a Tiger Installed at a Military Facility to Prevent Trespassers!!!


Here is a statue of a tiger that was installed at a military facility in Indonesia which generated a lot of unpopularity with local residents and the people of Indonesia and has become a huge topic of discussion with online viewers from all around the world!

In fact, this statue was so unpopular that it was soon removed after this article was published and became a sensational topic in the overseas media!

The statue was a depiction of a “Sumatran tiger” which is an endangered species that inhabits the monsoon forests of the islands of Java and Sumatra.

Here is a photograph of the tiger statue which is depicted as brave and strong animal.


And here is the illustration of the tiger that caused such an uproar with so many people!


Although the illustration that doesn’t look like the real thing but somehow transmits the strength and ferocity of the tiger.

And here is the statue of the Sumatran tiger which caused such protest in the image below.


There! Is it? This is the statue of the Sumatran tiger that caused this protest!


It doesn’t look like a real tiger and more like an animation character!

What do you think?



The power of social media was clearly displayed here so the statue of this tiger was removed by the Indonesian military as it had become an embarrassment to that organization!

I hope that a more authentic image representing this endangered animal replaces this strange statue in the future!

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