See These Delightful Pictograms of a Two-Year-Girl That Has Become an Online Hit!!!

source: instagram
Here is an adorable little girl named “Miru-chan” that has generated several pictograms on Twitter that has become a hot topic of discussion with online viewers all around the world!

Some cute emoji expressions inspired by a little girl.

These images were posted on Twitter of an adorable little girl named “Miru-chan” by her Mom under the hashtag of “#Sato family” and delivers images of daily life through Twitter, Instagram and her blog!

source: twitter

Every expression of “Miru-chan” looks super cute and conveys a wide variety of facial expressions at just 2 years old!

“Miru-chan” is popular on Twitter and Instagram through the hard work and efforts of her mother!

Every pictogram monikane was cute one by one! Those who are interested in Miuru-chan’s Sato family TwitterInstagram Please check it.

source: twitter / instagram

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