Watch a Fearless One-Eyed Cat Surfer Challenge the Ocean Waves of Hawaii’s Coast!!!

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Here are some amazing images of courageous cat named “Coulee” who lives with his owner and enjoys surfing with his owner. This cat lost his left eye as it became infected and needed to be removed shortly after the cat was born. However, this handicap has not deterred this feline as he has become a genius cat surfer!

These images that were posted on Instagram became a big hit among online viewers from all over the world!

A one-eyed cat surfer named “Coulee”.

Most cats prefer to avoid water but “Coulee” started surfing just 6 months after being born and just 4 months after eye surgery!

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It appears that this cat had become accustomed to bathing while recovering from the eye surgery which aided in the transition to swimming in the ocean!

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“Coulee” has the ability to both ride a surf board and swim!

This cat even likes to read books too!

Please take a look and watch the extended videos below.

See Video Here

See Video Here

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This is such an inspiring story and this cat’s spirit and determination is amazing to see! I hope that “Coulee” and his owner will continue to enjoy surfing the ocean waves of Hawaii together for a long time!

source: youtube / instagram

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