See Two Dogs Learning to Surf the Ocean Waves of Australia with Their Owner on This Video!!!

source: YouTube

Here is an amazing video that has a huge hit since it was posted on YouTube and it features two dogs learning to surf on the ocean waves of Australia with their owner!

Chris Avois is a former surfing champion who is the owner of the two dogs who are surfing with him!

It is beautiful day and the ocean surf and the beach looks marvelous!

source: YouTube

Here is Chris and his two dogs heading out to surf some waves.

source: YouTube

First of all, a small wave is used for a warm-up!

source: YouTube

Wow! one of Chris’s dogs jumps over him as the trio surfs a wave.

source: YouTube

Chris’s other dog can be seen skillfully balancing on the surfboard.

source: YouTube

As the waves increase in size and difficulty, Chris squats down on the surfboard with both dogs behind him.

source: YouTube

Now, both dogs are able to jump over their owner while maintaining their balance on the surfboard!

source: YouTube

At the end of their surfing adventure, the dogs are able to awkwardly jump onto the sand from the surfboard!

source: YouTube

According to Chris, surfing has helped to decrease the amount of mischievous behavior and created a stronger level of trust between him and his two dogs!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

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