See a Terrifying Cyclone Launch a Shark from the Ocean Onto a City Street in Australia!!!


Here is a large shark lying in the middle of a city street in Australia! How on earth did this creature arrive there?

A terrifying “cyclone” that was named “Debbie” recently the east coast of Australia and caused significant damage everywhere! One of the consequences of such a large tropical storm is that a large number of sea creatures were blown onto land by the strong winds and waves that resulted in extensive flooding throughout the region!

Here us the shark that was discovered on a city street!



These images of this stranded ocean predator on a city street in Queensland became an instant hit with a large number of online viewers locally and all over the world!

An emergency rescue team was called in to try to save the shark by a concerned resident in the city of Aire.

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.


This species of shark lives in brackish or slow moving water near the coast and is even known to inhabit in freshwater rivers! It is aggressive and has a tendency to attack people who are swimming and enjoying some type of water sport!

Under these high floodwater conditions and dramatic waves and winds, it is quite shocking to see people choosing to surf or jet ski in such such stormy circumstances!


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Tens of thousands of people were forced to evacuate in Queensland and New South Wales of Australia for this particular cyclone which caused a huge amount of damage to property and agriculture in the tens of millions of dollars!

I wish for a speedy recovery for everyone concerned as soon as possible.

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