See an Unexpected Rescue of a Sea Turtle from an Entangled Net by a Pair of Kayakers!!!

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While enjoying kayaking in the sea, a pair of kayakers found a sea turtle swimming nearby. However, the turtle seemed to be moving strangely so the pair moved closer to get a better look. They soon discovered the problem and could rescue the turtle so it could return to its habitat without harm!

A turtle in trouble.

It seems that the sea turtle had somehow gotten entangled in some plastic debris and now was hopelessly covered in garbage that had been drifting on the ocean.
source: YouTube
The turtle had encountered discarded trash and now was in a perilous position!

Here is one of the men in a kayak raising the sea turtle out of the water.
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With the help of a knife, the turtle was soon freed of the plastic debris!
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Apparently, sea turtles can get easily caught up in this type of garbage while swimming in the ocean.

The sea turtle was free and safe again!
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The kayaker gives the sea turtle a kiss for good luck and places it back into the water!
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The sea turtle slowly swims away and one can only hope that it doesn’t encounter any more drifting trash again!
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What a great day for these kayakers who got to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as save the life of one of its endangered creatures!
source: YouTube

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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It was lovely that these two guys could save this sea turtle!

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