See a Specially Designed Sponge for Kitchen Knives That is Popular Overseas!!!


When washing kitchen utensils such as dining knives and sharp kitchen knives can be hazardous and many people often suffer from both minor and major cuts and scrapes! Here is a specially designed sponge that largely eliminates this danger and it is becoming a huge hit with consumers overseas! It is called the “Skrub” sponge!

Especially, razor sharp knives can cause serious injuries so here is an innovative washing
sponge design to safely and conveniently clean blades and is called the “Skrub” sponge!

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It is so easy to use, just put the detergent on the sponge and pinch the kitchen knife and sponge cleans and polishes the blade at the same time!

A video featuring the “Skrub” sponge.

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The sponge is able to polish both sides of the kitchen knife at the same time.

There are other great features!

The “Skrub” has some other remarkable features such as a guard to prevent one’s thumb from slipping as well as protection for one’s fingernails when washing dishes!

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It’s good to have a sense of security, don’t you think?


What did you think?

I would love to try out this sponge at home and the reasonable price of $12.99 is certain to make it a popular addition to many homes! If you are interested please click on the official website link below.

Kitchenwise – Official sales website

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