See Amazing Images of the World’s Biggest Clione Discovered in Drift Ice of Hokkaido!!!

Here is an image of a “Clione” and is also known as a “ice chair angel” or “ice fairy”. The typical size of such a creature is extremely small at about 1 cm in size, but in Japan’s Hokkaido-Okhotsk Drift Ice Science Center, the “cliones” are unnaturally huge at more 3 cm in size. One of the largest “cliones” is shown here and it is just over 4 cm! These images were posted on Facebook and became an immediate topic of discussion with online viewers worldwide!

A huge Clione appears!

A huge Clione was photographed and posted on the Facebook page of the Hokkaido-based Okhotsk Drift Ice Science Center GIZA!
source: facebook
Wow! That’s big! Please compare it with the “clione” beside it.
source: facebook
It is about 4 times bigger than the normal sized “clione”! This is amazing!

By the way, a “clione” is related to snails but have no shell and has six tentacles called “backcourns” and its appearance when eating enlarges an area of the “clione” called a “buccal cone” making the angel appear to look like a devil!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

A clione’s predation scene.

See Video Here

I’d love to see a bunch of “clione’s” attempt to eat each other!

source: facebook / / youtube