Watch an Adorable Seal from Hokkaido with a Stuffed Seal Toy as a Companion!!!

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Here is a photo of an adorable seal who is currently residing in Seal Paradise (Monbetsu Okhotskland) in Monbetsu City in Hokkaido, Japan is and has been named “Agu” living in Seal Paradise in Monbetsu, Hokkaido, Japan. This adorable seal resides in “Seal Paradise” and the following photos will hopefully inspire you to come and visit this wonderful facility in Hokkaido!

Monbetsu Okhotskland (@mombetsu_land) Posted on Twitter, it is becoming a topic that its appearance is too cute!

▼ Here is an absolutely adorable photograph of this lovable seal who is clutching a tiny stuffed toy!

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The seal is actually holding a stuffed seal toy doll! They make a very cuddly and cute couple!

Here is a side view of the couple and they are such a delight to see together!

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This seal looks so happy to have this stuffed toy as a lifelong companion!


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These images are really a lovely series of images that is certain to make you smile!

This seal has another lovely friend also living in Monbetsu City!

In Seal Paradise, there is a female seal who are named “Hiyori”.

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Here is a photo of “Hiyori” with a stuffed seal!

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This seal looks cute lying on her stomach or on her back!

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“Hiyori” is super cute too! I think that she also enjoys the companionship of a stuffed seal toy!

What did you think?

“Agu” and “Hiyori” are simply a delight and well worth the trip to see them at Sea Paradise in Monbetsu City in Hokkaido!

Details of Seal Paradise
Address: Monbetsu City Marine Park 2 Hokkaido
Open for Business: 10: 00 ~ 17: 00
Admission fee: Adults ¥500 (about $4.46 US dollars), Children (under 16 years of age) ¥300 (about $2.68 US dollars)

Seals Sea Paradise – Monbetsu Okhotskland Official Site

source: Twitter

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