Watch a Thirsty Parakeet Dive Into a Glass to Get a Drink of Water on Video!!!

source: Twitter

This is a Twitter user (@altennikki) who has an amazing parakeet named “Al-chan” who recently displayed some aggressive behavior while trying to get a drink of water!

Here is the bird standing on the rim of a glass of water but it seems that the legs and feathers of the bird appear to be slightly wet?

What just happened just before that?

Diving into a glass of water!

Was she thirsty? The tiny white parakeet aggressively thrusts her face straight down into the half-full glass of water!

source: Twitter

In the very next moment, something totally unexpected occurs which is shocking to see!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: Twitter

It seems like the bird’s owner suddenly grabbed the glass and caused the bird to fall into the glass face first! This was a practical joke that could have resulted in the drowning of the parakeet

However, the owner tipped the glass and his parakeet could regain balance on the rim of the glass but was now completely drenched and feeling a little stunned by what had just happened!

What did you think?

It is a little surprising that more parakeets don’t have this type of experience but owners of such gentle birds should try to take better care of them, I think!

source: Twitter