Watch an Attention Seeking Bulldog Looking for a Loving Touch from His Owner!!!

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source: YouTube
Here is a video of a bulldog and his owner relaxing on a sofa and this dog’s personality is so cute as he constantly craves attention and touching from his owner at all times! This pooch’s ability to silently request his owner’s gentle caresses is just so adorable to see!

A bulldog’s request to his owner.

▼ “Can you do this just for a moment?”
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source: YouTube

▼ “Oh, that’s perfect!”
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source: YouTube

▼ “Please do not stop for a while!”
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source: YouTube

▼ “Oh yeah!”
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source: YouTube

▼ “Who told you to stop?” “It’s feel so wonderful”.
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source: YouTube

The facial expression and gestures of this bulldog just continues to continuous request his owner to never stop is so cute!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

This attention seeking bulldog is simply adorable to see and his need of constant tender loving care from his owner is just like a small human child!

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source: youtube