See the Frozen Beauty of Soap Bubbles Made at -20° Celsius in Hokkaido!!!

source: Twitter

What is this?

It looks like a round glass circle surrounded by beautiful snowflake-shaped white crystals! In fact, this is an ordinary soap bubble that has been frozen in minus 20 degrees centigrade temperatures in Hokkaido!

These remarkable images and video has become a huge topic of discussion with online viewers all over the world since they were posted on the social media network of Twitter!

A Twitter user from Japan shot the video, Araribori (@Cheetah_mineo). in a garage in Hokkaido when outside temperatures were at minus 20 degrees centigrade. When she discovered the transformation of the soap bubbles to frozen form she decided to take a video and record the process taking place before her!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below!

source: Twitter

Initially, there were only a few crystals visible and looked like tiny white grains like these shown in the image.

source: Twitter

The crystals inside the soap bubble continue to expand little by little.

source: Twitter

Eventually the bubble cracked open and then instantly froze again!

source: Twitter

At a certain point of time in these extreme temperatures, the delicate soap bubbles begin to crack open before freezing up again!

What did you think?

What a remarkable transformation and discovery and I really appreciate this person having the foresight to record it on video and then share with the rest of the world!

source: Twitter