See the Visual Illusion of a Black Cat Sitting on a Black Cushion in a Cute Video!!!

source: twitter @peco_4696

This charming cushion looks so inviting and comfortable but suddenly a pair of glittering eyes come into focus and it becomes clear that this cushion is actually a fluffy feline sitting on the soft cushion!

This is a (@peco_4696) beautiful black cat named “Hiziki”.

“Hiziki-chan” has a unique ability to completely lose it feline shape and appear to look exactly like a fluffy cushion.

A black cat disguised as a cushion.

Hiziki-chan can appear virtually invisible.

source: twitter @peco_4696

If you close your eyes, you may lose track of this cat’s whereabouts!

source: twitter @peco_4696

Now, do you know which one is the cushion and which one is the cat?

source: twitter @peco_4696

It seems that it is quite difficult to identify the cat quickly so be careful!

What did you think?

This fluffy black with the striking eyes could easily be mistaken for a cushion if you were not looking carefully or closely enough!

source: twitter @peco_4696