Amazing Spoon Innovations Helps Control Hand and Body Tremors for Eating!!!

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Symptoms of diseases such as Parkinson’s disease causes trembling hands which makes many daily tasks such as eating a tremendous challenge! A spoon innovation called Liftware Steady and Liftware Level may be a solution to help those with this affliction!

Trembling hands caused by Parkinson’s Disease.

People with Parkinson’s disease can not hold back the tremors of their hands themselves causing food to fall off and making eating difficult.
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The innovative spoon calledLiftware Steady allows people to eat normally with such tremors!
▼ The spoon absorbs the vibrations of trembling hands!
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If this is the case, you can eat even with trembling hands! Anyway, it seems that it is very good that the user can regain confidence by having a meal securely by himself!

Using a spoon is difficult to control.

In the case of cerebral palsy, it is difficult to control one’s body so it becomes difficult to handle spoons and chopsticks well when eating.
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Unlike tremors such as Parkinson’s disease, the act of grasping and holding a spoon is also difficult.

Another spoon technology innovation is the Liftware Level
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With a band that fits tightly in the hand, the spoon keeps its equilibrium and the person can eat without spilling food!

With these spoons, you can eat food with greater confidence and control.

“Liftware Steady” Video.

See Video Here

“Liftware Level” Video.

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The spoon starter kit for both spoons is $195 dollars and it is also possible to change the tip attachment to a fork as an option! If you are interested, please visit the official page of ‘Liftware’ !

This spoon is life-changing for people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and I hope that other high-tech technologies will be developed soon that will help people with other medical difficulties all over the world!

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