See a Folded Bag Transform into a Multi-Functional 24-Inch Screen Display!!!

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Here is a “24 inch Television display that opens like a folding umbrella” that has become a hot topic of discussion with online viewers everywhere!

There are cases where you may want to see the larger screen from a smartphone if there is a large gathering of people wanting to see a larger image! In such a case, people will be genuinely delighted to have you suddenly pull out such a large display from something that actually looks like an umbrella!

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It unfolds just like this!

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source: YouTube

This foldable 24-inch display is lightweight and can be easily carried around is named The Spontaneous Pop-up Display or(SPUD).

This is how it looks when it has been set up.
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The Spontaneous Pop-up Display SPUD) weighs only 910 grams and has a length 19 centimeters, a width of 17 centimeters and a thickness 5.5 cm. It is easily transportable either on its own or in a bag.
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The back side of the display has a built in battery (lasting up to 10 hours after charging). In addition to connecting smartphones, tablets and laptops, you can also use the HDMI input to connect to “Chromecast” and other similar applications.
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Although it may not be used frequently, it appears that it could be a very handy device to have and has the potential for many applications and uses in leisure activities and in business.

Project bright and sharp images.

“SPUD” uses the latest DLP technology, and it is said that bright and sharp images will be projected. It seems that characters are clearly displayed. Moreover, flexible polymers are used for the material of the screen so there is no worry of the screen breaking or cracking with use.

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The Spontaneous Pop-up Display or (SPUD) is currently attempting to raise capital through crowdfunding and the initial target amount has already been achieved! Many people are hoping that this product will eventually be available for sale to the public.

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