Watch a Pack of Hungry Wild Dogs Destroy a Parked Car One Piece at a Time!!!

Here is an absolutely scary incident that recently occurred in the city of Sakarya in Turkey in which a parked car was systematically torn apart by a pack of hungry wild dogs! Police were called to scene after the car’s owner discovered that his car had been seriously damaged!

After checking the recorded images of surveillance cameras, it was confirmed that 8 stray dogs were responsible for the destruction of the car!

Why did the stray dogs destroy the car?

The key question is why did the stray dogs reek such destruction of the car? It was determined that a cat had somehow crawled inside the bumper of the car! The pack of dogs were in fact attempting to catch the cat which led to parts of the parked car being torn off by the blood-thirsty pack of dogs!

▼ Here is some of the surveillance camera footage showing the stray dogs surrounding the car
source: YouTube

▼ One dog forcibly peels off the bumper!
source: YouTube
The power of the dog is simply awesome to see!

▼ The car bumper is completely destroyed! Another dog begins to thrust his head aggressively into an opening to get at the trapped cat!
source: YouTube

Why are these dogs so intent on attacking this cat? They are definitely acting in a very strange manner!

The remaining footage of the surveillance camera captured how the dogs systematically destroyed the car!

See Video Here

It was surprising to see just how powerful these dogs are! The car’s damage was estimate to be more than USD $1,600 dollars!

source: / youtube