Watch a Killer Whale Devour a Scavaging Bird Who Tries to Steal Some Fish!!!

source: YouTube
Here is a video of a captive killer whale also known as an “Orca” at feeding time in a pool at an sea aquarium somewhere in North America. A number of scavenger birds are lurking looking to grab one of the baited fish during the large sea mammal’s feeding session. What happens next is a shocking and unexpected event which is quite stunning to see!

Do whales like eating birds more than fish?

▼ Here is a killer whale at feeding time that appears to release a small fish from its mouth in an apparent gesture to allow some of the sea birds gathered nearby to accept a tasty fish snack!
source: YouTube

▼ The whale actually appears to stop and wait for the bird to accept the fish!
source: YouTube
It looks like a gentle and generous gesture but what happens next is sudden and quite disturbing!

▼ As the scavaging bird swoops in to grab the fish bait and fly away, the killer whale moves even faster and devours the bird in an instant!
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source: YouTube
Wow! It is really shocking to see a killer whale eat a bird like this! Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

The killer whale or “Orca” is a highly intelligent carnivore that is one of the most successful predators in the animal kingdom!

This video really does challenge the image of whales as gentle and benevolent creatures!

source: youtube