A Series of Cuddly and Cute Cat Videos is Certain to Make You Smile!!!

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Here are some delightful photos of two brown cats playing “hide and seek” with each other in the drainage ditch on a city street that were recently posted on the social media network (SNS) of Twitter and became a major topic of discussion with online viewers everywhere!

I shot this cat video @TAKUBINGO(@ikasazu0104) Twitter “These are really cute videos! These video clips proved to be so popular that they were retweeted over 100,000 times in a single day!

Kitty mischief on and under the street.

Here are the two cute cats staring at each other.

The cat on the left says “Meow!”

The cat on the right says “Meow!”

source: Twitter

What are they going to do?

Pushing Nyanko on the left towards Nyanko on the right, such as “The game suddenly starts”!

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“Here I am!”

The cat on the right makes a playful face and clearly wants to continue this game!

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“Let’s keep playing”.

“Well ok ♪”.

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“I will definitely catch you!”.

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The two cats stop to face each other again!

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“This game is really serious!”

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One of the cats heads for the drainage ditch while the other cat watches carefully!

“These felines are really competitive!”

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“Wow! that was a quite a game!”

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These playful cats are so playful and adorable to watch!

Please watch the extended video of these cute cats below!

See Video Here

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What did you think?

These playful felines are so adorable that you will want to watch this video montage again and again!

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