A Pomeranian Puppy Bothers His Owners Smartphone Antics for Love!!!

source: YouTube
Here are some images of a young girl with her Pomeranian puppy relaxing at home but a battle for his owners attention results in the small dog continuously bothering the girls smartphone browsing!

The little dog needs some attention!

“This is exercise of strength and discipline!”
source: YouTube
The puppy tries to get in between his owner and the smartphone!

▼ However, the young woman simply adjusts her position on the bed!
source: YouTube

▼ The tiny pooch refuses to give up and cuddles up to his owner!
source: YouTube

▼ The young girl moves away and continues to focus on her smartphone!
source: YouTube

▼The puppy tries again to get some love and attention!
source: YouTube

▼ The young woman attempts to avoid her dog’s advances!
source: YouTube

Finally, the young woman decides to grant the little dog’s wish and gives her pet a lengthy cuddle! Everyone is happy now!

It is fun to be friends!
source: YouTube

Please watch this adorable video.

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This puppy’s playful demands for attention is a delight to see!

source: youtube