As a result of letting only children and pets stay home at home … In a situation beyond imagination!

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Well, “Child’s Answering Machine” which can also be mentioned as a comic piece. The one I remember is Crayon Shin-chan. There was a scene scattering the food in the house. I will introduce this time, not a cartoon but a reality version, a volume of pets. I will show you the appearance of an altered pet after a really funny answering machine I’ve done.

“Magical powder” discovered! The boy said that he said “Pet dog did it.”

My friend's son and his canine accomplice got into the kitchen cabinet…

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Dog is on campus. I am finished in surprisingly fashionable colors.

Kids, sharpies, and a Dalmatian makes for interesting times

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Too much like the “nose” of a pet …

You nose I love you

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Haiso ‘s aunt had a tea party. Both colors and accessories are coordinated.

I left my niece alone with my dog for 20 minutes and came back to this…

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I, the dog and the house, the whole art – of – life!

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Small inviting cat. I might call fortune.

Don't leave your kids home alone with a cat

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After a doctor ‘s illegal dog, a dog to a patient.

Patient dog VS kids

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There are people like this. The line of hips is strangely sexy.

This is what happens when you leave your kids with the dog

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Children and dogs, everything in the same world. Too cute.

My cousin just posted this picture of her extremely patient dog and happy baby.

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A cat gets mosaic tile …

my nephew told me he turned the cat into a mosaic

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How was it? Talent is fully demonstrated when everyone has no parent. With an unexpected idea, we are creating an art world one after another. I was interested that kids are geniuses. People who are watching also become enjoyable.

On the other hand, the talent of genius is paper weight. There is also the danger of accidents, so do not forget the responsibilities of adults!

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