See an Unusual Cloud Formation in the Sky that Looks Like an Enormous Human Face!!!

source: reddit

Here is an unusual cloud formation that looks like an enormous human face that was recently posted on overseas bulletin board website “Reddit” that became a huge topic of discussion among online viewers from all over the world!

It seems that this photograph was taken at dusk as the sun was setting. It clearly looks like an enormous human face in the sky that is looking down at the earth!

source: reddit

What did you think?

This naturally formed image framed by the vivid colors of the setting sun really does look like a face with even the mouth and nose are clearly visible! It is such a surreal scene in the sky overlooking the earth!

The person who posted the image on “Reddit” claims that the photo has been untouched by any processing or enhancing software and when a voice recording is heard saying “That person appeared!” it is difficult to argue the authenticity of this strange phenomenon!

source: reddit

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