See a Cute Video of a Happy and Smiling “Shiba Inu” Dog in Taiwan!!!

source: facebook
Here is a image of a happy and friendly “Shiba Inu” dog living in Taiwan named “Momo”!

source: facebook
This dog has such a friendly and happy disposition!

Here are a series of delightful images of this friendly and outgoing dog that will surely make you smile! Momo’s beautiful face will lift your spirits!

“What a beautiful smile!” Here is “Momo” grinning!

Please take a look at these videos of this dog who expresses emotions with such joy!

Click Here for the Animated Video

source: youtube
What a wonderful smile from “Momo”!

What did you think?

This dog is able to express his emotions with such intensity! It was so impressive to see the depth of feeling from the face of a dog!♪

source: facebook/youtube